Olive wood dog chew by Green and Wilds


Safe, clean and completely eco friendly: olive wood dog chews are an excellent choice of chew toy for your dog. Fulfil your doggies chewing urge, keep their teeth clean and make a positive step for the planet too! They are quite thick so size down.

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Dogs and puppies love to chew, and it's important that they can. But it's ... not great... when they chew the table leg. Or your slippers! Green and Wilds olive wood dog chews are designed to be chewed... and chewed... and chewed some more. If your dog really loves to chew, rather than looking for and "indestructible" dog toy, why not choose a toy that's designed to be destroyed - slowly. Over many years your dog will spend their evenings slowly gnawing away on their chew, satisfying a deep and wild instinct. The chews are also a safe alternative to chewing random sticks and will help to clean your dogs teeth too! The green and wilds olive wood dog chew is:

    • Safe, clean and tasty chew
    • Good for dental hygiene
    • Infused with Olive oil which is good for healthy coat and immune system
    • Durable and long lasting
    • No artificial ingredients, 100% natural wood
    • Suitable For All Sizes - Including Puppies

Unlike plastic dog toys, these dog chews are 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable. They won't harm wild animals or the environment if they get lost or swept out to sea. For a chunkier chew with similar credentials, try our chew roots.    

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Ingredients Olive wood, olive oil

Preparation Olivewood is a close grained wood that is harder than most native woods. The Olive tree cuttings are graded, dried and sanded . Then they are lightly infused with virgin olive oil. Green and Wild olivewood chews are made with annually harvested wood from managed Olive trees.

Nutritional Info

Analytical Constituents Fibre 79.95, Ash 0.6, Fat 0.27, Protein2.07, Phosphorus 0.01 Trace elements of Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Calcium.

Is it vegan?

The chew is 100% Vegan and plant based.

The chew is 100% Vegan and plant based.

This chew is 100% plant based and contains no plastic. They are biodegradable and are essentially a "waste product" from food production and pruning the trees is part of keeping them healthy. The chew has reasonably low food miles, being imported from Spain. Green and Wilds are certified as an ethical company by the good shopping guide.

How is it Fairly Traded?

The chew is made in Spain, under EU labour and health and safety laws.

How to recycle this product

When the chew is too small or is broken, put it in the compost bin, council green waste collection or leave in an appropriate place to biodegrade. Please be careful: if the chew is no longer safe e.g. if it could be a choking hazard for your dog, dispose of it so that your dog can't find it again.

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