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Ethical cat food shouldn't be hard to find, right? We agree. Here you can find only the cleanest, greenest cat food around. From Organic cat food by Yarrah to plant based cat food by Ami or Benevo, we have figured out which cat food brands are genuinely ethical and stock them all in one place!

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    A nutritionally complete vegan dry food for adult cats. Rich tasting and flavoured naturally, Benevo cat food contains 28% protein and a vegan source of Taurine. Includes a Prebiotic FOS to enhance digestion.

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    NEW RECIPE Ami Cat food is 100% vegan. It is a rich tasting, hypoallergenic and nutritionally complete cat food. You can use it as treats or feed your cat on it full time. Ami are an Italian pet food company with deep roots in environmentalism and ecology. 300g, 1.5kg, 7.5kg

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    A nutritionally complete moist vegan pet food suitable dogs and cats. Made with fresh potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes and berries with brown rice to make a tasty and nutritious meal. Supplemented with vegan sourced Taurine, Vitamin A and Arachidonic Acid. 369g Each or buy a pack of 12.

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    100% Organic grain free cat food. The irresistible scent of Organic chicken and MSC certified Fish appeals to even the pickiest cat. Suitable for all cats, but specially developed for cats who have difficulty digesting grains. 800g & 2.4Kg (or 3*0.8Kg)

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    Yarrah Organic Cat food Chicken is suited to all cats except small kittens. The combination of chicken (25%) and cereals ensure that Yarrah Cat Food with Chicken is highly digestible and minimises the chance of allergic reaction or stomach / intestinal complaint. Available in 800g, 2.4kg and 10kg bag.

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    Yarrah Organic Cat Food with in Fish is a 100% organic, healthy and wholesome meal made with 30% fish and chicken! 0.8kg, 2.4kg & 10kg

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    A varied menu for your cat? Here's the ideal product for you: the Yarrah Multi Pack for cats. The grain free pate Multi Pack consists of two alu dish paté with Salmon, three alu dish paté with Chicken & Turkey, and three alu dish paté with Beef & Chicken. A convenient package that allows your cat to try different flavours. Also perfect as a gift!...

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    100% certified Organic and winner of the Ethical Consumer best buy award, Yarrah Organic Chicken & Turkey is an ethical and nutritious choice for your cat. With added Aloe Vera to aid digestion, this complete cat food is free from GMO’s, artificial additives and pesticides. It's also grain free! 100g alu-cups also come in trays of 16.

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    Yarrah Salmon & Shrimp Pate with Omega 3&6 contains 57% meat and is a complete cat food. The delicious combination of salmon and shrimp prepared with Nature's Finest ingredients makes this delicious tender pate irresistible for cats. 100g alu-cups also come in trays of 16.

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    100g alu-cups come in trays of 16.

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    Yarrah Organic Chicken & Turkey Chunks with Aloe Vera contains 51% meat and is a complete Gluten-Free cat food. The delicious combination of chicken and healthy turkey in tender meatballs in a tasty gravy are prepared with Nature's Finest ingredients. 100g alu-cups also come in trays of 16.

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    The 400g tins also come in packs of 12.


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