Organic Dog Treats  

Organic Dog Treats

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    Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are extremely tasty and highly digestible, and can be fed to all dogs. If you have a smaller dog, then you can break the biscuits into smaller pieces. Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are composed in such a manner that the chances of allergic reactions and digestive problems are virtually negligible. Available in 500g bag.

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    Yarrah Vegetarian Multi Dog Biscuits are fortified with seaweed, spirulina, yeast and malt and contain three different flavours in a pack. Available in a new 250g bag.

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    The 100% organic Chew Stick is made with 95% meat, of which 77.8% is Beef. They have added vitamins, minerals & herbs to ensure you give your pet a responsible treat. Of course there is no artificial additives to the stick. You can also buy in 5's


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