Antos Origins Root Chew


Antos's new Origin root chew are a new natural and enriching chew made from the tuber root of a tree. They are sustainably sourced and full of nutrients. They are long lasting, don't splinter, 100% Natural, suitable for all dogs (including puppies), low in fat and do not contain any artificial additives or preservative.

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Available in sizes: Extra Small: 60g - 150g, Small: 150g - 300g, Medium: 300g - 500g, Large: 500g - 750g, Extra Large: 750g - 1kg

Origins are sourced from a spanish tree root they are a great ethical alternative to rawhide and antler based chews. First the root is harvested, then air dried for around a year before being cleaned and then cut to size. There weights, shapes and sizes will vary due to the nature of the tuber roots.

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Chow Chows love these :D

My Chow Chow absolutely loves chewing her root, it still surprises me how much fun she can get out of the root but definitely worthwhile!

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Value for money

My German Shepherd loves this, she is still on her first one .....over 3yrs now.

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My two dogs share this chew. They've both been chomping away at it for months and it's still going strong. It's amusing to watch them trying to pinch it off eachother without the other one noticing. The good thing is they haven't lost interest in it. Definitely a favourite.

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