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We love healthy dog treats! What could be more healthy than certified organic dog biscuits or gently dried papaya slices. How about these amazing rice bones, or organic beef dog chew sticks? All the treats we sell are natural, low in fat and sugar, and fulfilling for your dog. Oh, and tasty! We love healthy TASTY dog treats. Woof woof!

  • This bag of approximately 24 vegan dental care chews is ideal as a quick and enriching treat. They are great for their teeth and healthy too. Dental D'Light Bones promotes healthy gums and teeth, fresh breath and overall dental hygiene. 100g

  • Antos's new Origin root chew are a new natural and enriching chew made from the tuber root of a tree. They are sustainably sourced and full of nutrients. They are long lasting, don't splinter, 100% Natural, suitable for all dogs (including puppies), low in fat and do not contain any artificial additives or preservative.

  • These Small Hedgehog treats are low fat, eco-freindly, very entertaining and completely vegan. This Cerea snack is made from potato starch and are wheat free. They are specially designed to help clean your dog’s teeth, plus how cute are they!!! (Till the dog gets their paws on them that is)!! Approx 8cm x 6cm x 5cm. Also get 10% OFF with our Multibuy...

  • Made from 95% certified organic meat, these cat chew sticks are natural, safe and delicious. Free from additives, chemicals and artificial favours. A delicious snack for your dog Multi-buy offer: 5 for £8.99

  • These vegan dog biscuits are ideal for dogs that have difficulty digesting animal proteins, and of course they are preferable to vegan dog parents too! Available in 500g bag.

  • These Frogs are low fat, eco-freindly, very entertaining and completely vegan. This Gluten Free Cerea snack is made with potato starch and designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. Why not put some peanut butter inside for extra food time fun.  Also get 10% OFF with our Multibuy offer!

  • These Cerea Eurostar chews are low in fat, eco-friendly, completely vegan and come in a variety of colours. This Cerea snack is formed in a traditional shape (so people don't think you are a wierdo!) and helps with dental care. NEW GLUTEN FREE RECIPE! Also get 10% OFF with our Multibuy offer!

  • Safe, clean and completely eco friendly: olive wood dog chews are an excellent choice of chew toy for your dog. Fulfil your doggies chewing urge, keep their teeth clean and make a positive step for the planet too! They are quite thick so size down.

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