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At Ethical Pets, everything we sell has been kindly and thoughtfully made: eco-friendly, fairly traded, Organic, recycled, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable… lost of positive choices to help make a better world. We are geeky about the details: we stock only the most ethical items in each category, which can be verified by looking at reports by ethical consumer, for example.

Most importantly we provide safe, wholesome and healthy products that your pets and you will love. We aim to be a complete pet shop, you will find food, toys, treats and other useful things for your wonderful animal friends: all of which are ethical!

Our Values

  • We make ethical shopping easy and enjoyable
  • We provide balanced and honest information about the products that we sell
  • We want to raise the profile of ethical pet products
  • We will always try and provide the best possible customer service

Our Mission Statement

We want to help further establish the ethical pet product market, by encouraging production and creating demand. We sell Recyclable & Recycled; Vegan & Vegetarian; Biodegradable & Degradable; Non-tested; Non Toxic; Certified Organic & non-GM; High-Welfare; Fairly Traded & Made in the UK, Low Carbon & Sustainable pet products. We will endeavor to make finding and choosing ethical products easy, interesting and enjoyable, by providing balanced and well-researched information about the products that we sell, by becoming experts so the customer won't have to. We work with charities, sanctuaries, companies and individuals to improve the lives of all animals and eventually hope to make ethical pet products the norm.

Our team

Ethical Pets is run by Joey and Anna, who started the store in 2011. We are a small internet business, run from home (so we get to hang-out with our pets all day long!) We have grown steadily over the years and we still love what we do.

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