Organic Dog Food  

Why choose organic dog food? Firstly, you know exactly what's in the food, or more importantly what is NOT in it. You can be sure that Organic food contains:

  • No pesticides
  • No genetically modified crops
  • No growth hormones
  • No chemical aromas or artificial flavourings
  • No artificial colourings

You know that you are doing your best for the planet too. Organic farming is designed to work with nature, helping to improve the soil, water and air quality, fight climate change and support wildlife. Organic farms are kinder to farm animals and human workers too! Organic is really a system of accountability and traceability: you know exactly where the dog food has come from and what is in it.

  • 100% vegetarian/vegan and wheat-free, ultra sensitive dry dog food. Ideal for dogs that have difficulty with animal proteins and wheat. Available in 2kg and 10kg bags

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