Chew roots  

If you're looking for chew roots for your dog then you're in the right place. We stock Olive wood dog chew by Green and Wilds and Antos origins root dog chew.

Rather than going for an "indestructible" dog toy, if your dog really loves to chew, why not choose a toy that's designed to be destroyed... slowly. Over many years your dog gnaw and grind away at these chew roots. Chewing satisfies a deep and wild instinct, and will help to clean your dogs teeth too!

The chew roots are a safe alternative to random sticks and lumps of wood from the park.


  • Antos's new Origin root chew are a new natural and enriching chew made from the tuber root of a tree. They are sustainably sourced and full of nutrients. They are long lasting, don't splinter, 100% Natural, suitable for all dogs (including puppies), low in fat and do not contain any artificial additives or preservative.

  • Safe, clean and completely eco friendly: olive wood dog chews are an excellent choice of chew toy for your dog. Fulfil your doggies chewing urge, keep their teeth clean and make a positive step for the planet too! They are quite thick so size down.

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