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Ethical Dry Cat Food

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    A nutritionally complete vegan dry food for adult cats. Rich tasting and flavoured naturally, Benevo cat food contains 28% protein and a vegan source of Taurine. Includes a Prebiotic FOS to enhance digestion.

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    Yarrah Organic Cat food Chicken is suited to all cats except small kittens. The combination of chicken (25%) and cereals ensure that Yarrah Cat Food with Chicken is highly digestible and minimises the chance of allergic reaction or stomach / intestinal complaint. Available in 800g, 3kg and 10kg bag.

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    The range of Amì products are a reflection of a company that focuses on the quality of the products and service to the customers, remaining faithful to the image of its brand: Respecting man, animals, nature. Their dry cat foodis an ultra digestible, nourishing and light food. Completely vegan, it will give your cat more vitality and health. 300g, 1.5kg...

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    Yarrah Organic Cat Food with in Fish is a 100% organic, healthy and wholesome meal made with 30% fish and chicken!

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    The grain free products of Yarrah are irresistible to cats. The incredible scent of organic chicken and MSC Fish even allures the most picky cat. These products are of course suitable for all cats, but are specially developed for cats that have difficulty in digesting grains. 800g & 2.4Kg


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