Ethical Pets joins 1% for the Planet

1% for the planet Ethical Pets

Have you noticed those little 1% for the Planet logos dotted about? These earth shaped icons are on products and websites all over – like Pukka Teas, Patagonia Outdoor clothing and even BecoPets.

We wondered what they are about. The answer was so awesome we decided to join in!

We donate profits blah blah blah

Over the years we have seen lots of businesses donate a percentage of their profits. Unfortunately this can be a pretty big cop out: lots of businesses just don’t make “profits”.

You’ve got your standard Amazon tax dodgers, of course, but also small growing businesses like ours often make a loss. If you sell one bag of dog food and then buy two more, your turnover grows… but don’t make a profit. When I first saw 1% for the Planet logos I just assumed, therefore, it was greenwashing.

We donate 1% of SALES!

But no! Companies certified by 1% for the Planet donate 1% of their sales, 1% of turnover. That’s actually a really big deal, and certainly much more money. It’s 1% of every item sold, no ifs, buts or coconuts! Okay, 1% of Ethical Pets’ turnover is small, but it all adds up when we work together.

$250 million, certified

The 1% for the Planet program has now tracked and certified more then $250 million dollars of donations, that’s about £190 million. The various charities receiving the donations are registered members too. The donations are tracked and transparent. so, no greenwashing. It’s great!

What is a donation?

Each year, members of 1% for the Planet have dues to pay and donations to make. Donations go to charities in the following areas:

  • Climate
  • Land
  • Water
  • Food
  • Wildlife
  • Pollution

Then, within each area there are a range of certified charities to donate to.

founderof 1 for the planet

Donations can be money, which is great. But you can also donate time, such as volunteering, or offer promotion or trade something. This is great for building relationships between brands, employees and charities and inspiring people to take everyday actions to save our planet.

Our 1% donation plan

Come the end of the tax year, we will make our first donations. We will come up with a range of options and you guys, our customers, can choose which charities we send the money too! We will also aim some volunteering and promotion etc in addition to our 1% cash donation, over the year.

It’s official, we’re a member of 1% for the Planet

So, having explained how awesome the project is, today we are officially launching our membership of 1% for the Planet.

Climate Election 2019: Can Your Vote save The World?

vote in 2019

This is your guide to the 2019 climate change election. We are in the midst of a climate emergency: living in such desperate times surely calls for desperate measures…. but the choice in the ballot box is the same as always.

Or is it?

Here is Anna’s guide to the 2019 election with a focus on the climate catastrophe and animal welfare. This election might be our last chance on climate change so I have been more … forthright… that I usually am in the public sphere. Hope that’s okay!

Below is a detailed review of 5 party manifestos, in alphabetical order.

I have included:

  • Quotes from each manifesto
  • Quotes from Friends of The Earth and Compassion in World Farming
  • Some thoughts of my our own! These are either on a pink background or in (italics/brackets)
  • Also, I used the Nature Watch Foundation election report as a guide
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eXtinction Rebellion – the climate crisis must end now

The climate crisis must end. Irreparable damage has been done to our home causing dangerous global warming.

This is an emergency.

A desperate fight to save our species from extinction, before it’s too late. Our families our friends and our children are in danger. Millions, maybe even billions, will die. And yet nothing is happening.

In the quiet parts of our day, when we get a moment to think… so many of us feel it. We feel devastated. Terrified and helpless. We are grieving. It’s time to act: act now, together, peacefully.

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10 lessons from science on World Vegan Day

It’s Word Vegan Day! Want to know what would happen if everyone went vegan? Or just 25%? Want to know if it’s actually healthy? Or if Vegans need to engage with anti-poverty campaigns to achieve their goal? Well you are in the right place!

I read a fascinating scientific paper in the Lancet today [1] which models the impact of changes in diet across the whole world, depending on the motivation/specifics. It predicts changes country by country depending on how they farm and eat right now, which is WOW SUPER COOL (and so so nerdy)! Here’s a summary of what they did and 10 lessons I learned.

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How YOU can save the world!

Yesterday we heard the heartbreaking news that restricting climate change to 2.0 degrees, which we weren’t on track to achieve anyway, won’t be good enough to prevent the worst damage. I wrote an article delving into the details.

Here is something more positive: a guide to what YOU can do about climate change, starting right now. Some of the things are really easy!

The short-version is: go vegan, get a veg box, be really rude to people to by air-freighted food, drive less, walk more, switch to good energy, wear jumpers and insulate stuff. All of these things are good for your health and for the health of other people too! Kaboom!

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Global Warming: what’s the difference between 1.5 and 2 degrees?

Our internationally agreed targets of limiting global warming to 2.0 degrees are not good enough – and we weren’t meeting them anyway. The IPCC says the evidence is we need to keep to below 1.5 degrees, which we could hit by 2030. This blog explains the news in detail.

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