Yarrah: 100% recyclable packaging

Yarrah Organic Pet Foods are transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging
Look for the 100% recyclable logo on Yarrah packaging now!

We are delighted to announce that Yarrah Organic Pet Foods are transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging!

This means you can recycle the bags in the carrier bag recycling facilities at all major supermarkets.

The new recyclable bags are starting to appear on shelves in the UK already and they will be fully rolled out by summer 2021.

This has been in the works for a long time: Yarrah had to invent a new type of pet food bag to pull this off!

New Yarrah logo for the new recyclable packaging


When we are frustrated by non-recyclable product packaging, customers, including myself, miss a vital thing. Often a better packaging doesn’t exist (yet)!

Yarrah, already at the forefront of sustainable production methods, had to start from scratch. They couldn’t just buy recyclable packaging off the shelf: they had to create it themselves!

Yarrah Organic Pet Food packaging is 100% recyclable packaging
The smaller bags of cat food are already in 100% recyclable packaging

Yarrah worked with Mondi, who make “innovative, sustainable packaging and paper solutions“. They wanted their new packaging to be 100% recyclable, but also to reduce waste in other ways. So, they added a releasable strip to keep the food fresher.

Yarrah don’t use chemicals to preserve their pet food because they are 100% Organic: freshness is vital!

“Using Mondi’s EcoSolutions approach, our experts worked closely with Yarrah […] Our research and development facilities tested materials for recyclability and food safety, while application engineers ensured it was suitable for conversion on existing pack-aging lines. The in-depth analysis also tested the moisture barrier and integrated reseal zipper […]”

Mondi Group

Bio plastics

Yarrah recyclable bags are 46% bioplastics

Yarrah always try and go the extra mile (on a bicycle of course, being from The Netherlands!). 100% recyclable packaging wasn’t enough, so Yarrah made their recyclable bags contain a high proportion of bio-plastics too. Instead of oil, these plastics are made from plants! The new bags contain 46% bioplastic.

Waste reduction

There’s more! Yarrah had already reduced their packaging material consumption by 20%. How? They simply by tweaked the bag design to be more efficient!

“At Yarrah we are committed to make a change for the better. For pets, for the people we work with, for our planet. We continuously investigate how we can improve what we do, and our plastic packaging has been on our wish list for a long time. With this alternative, we make another big step in further reducing our footprint. And we will not stop here.”

Bas van Tongeren CEO, Yarrah Organic Petfood BV

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