The Objectives of Organic

Ever wondered “What’s the point Organic food?” It is about health? Or about the environment? Why should I buy Organic pet food, my pet can’t tell the difference… Well here is the lowdown: The Objectives of Organic!

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Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Abundance foods

We recently spoke to Marcia, a specialist in healthy vegan “sweet tooth” foods and founder of the artisan healthy treat company Abundance Foods.

Her approach to life as a sweet and chocolate lover is inspiring and comforting: there are healthy ways to feel satisfied which don’t involve refined sugar and the health problems linked to it.

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Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Effiena and Vegan Beauty Cosmetics

Meet Mesquitta, a young and dynamic woman on a fascinating journey. Her business, Vegan Beauty Cosmetics, sells gorgeous glitzy handmade vegan nail polish and cosmetics. But Effiena’s story is an interesting one: she became aware of veganism through her business, rather than starting the business from a vegan perspective. How great is that? Let’s find out more…

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Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Why I am a Goupie Groupie

Family recipe, ethical and not-too-expensive: Goupie chocolates are a sweet revelation! I first tried them through my monthly Vegan Tuck Box, and was an instant convert! So, when I met Grace at The Great Yorkshire Vegan Fair, I was determined to feature Goupie on our Ethical Business: Ethical Life blog series. Here is what she had to say!

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Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Plant Faced Clothing

Plant faced clothing are a fab fashion company. They are part of a new generation of entrepreneurs where ethical is no longer an abstract ideal or a niche, but mainstream, practical and accessible. There’s no messing about with frilly floral grannie styles here: plant faced make stylish, youthful clothes… Ethically! Here’s what they have to say!

How did plant faced come into being?

“I always wanted to have my own business and been selling things ever since I was young. I noticed that there weren’t really any brands out there doing this type of clothing in the style that I wanted to wear that would also promote my new lifestyle choice and help raise awareness/get the word out about veganism without being too in your face.”


And what skills did you have that helped you get started?

“I work as a Graphic Designer and when I had this idea it was like all the elements aligned to bring all my passions together – design, fashion, entrepreneurship & veganism.”

What makes plant faced clothing ethical?

“There are a number of variable factors that come into play when defining what makes clothing ethical , but it’s all to do with them being produced without supporting any exploitation. Employment is freely chosen/not forced, theirs no discrimination in employment, workers have the right to unions, there’s no child labour, fair pay (payment of living wage), reasonable work hours and the working conditions are safe.”

Why now?

“We’re at a critical time where our consumption is at risk of dooming our whole species, it’s no surprise.”

What else is ethical about plant faced clothing?

“We try to do our bit as best we can by using inks which are waterbased and vegan friendly, choosing organic or the most sustainable materials wherever possible, as well as for the paper we choose for our marketing materials, etc.”

What is an average day like for you now?

“Waking up around 9ish (I’m a night owl and stay up late!) making a healthy breakfast and matcha latte, messing around for a bit before finally cracking into some work – packing orders, going to the post office, heading to a nice cafe with wifi for the day to sip on more matcha latte or coffees, often with friends who co-work with me on other projects, and get done whatever needs to be done for the day.”

“I’m very blessed in that I get to be pretty location independent with this job, and also get to travel often to do different vegan festivals. Often I will work quite late some more at home as this is the more productive hour for me, otherwise I’ll be having a nice dinner/drinks/chilling somewhere with friends. 🙂 I’ve managed to build a very nice lifestyle and I’m so incredibly grateful for that.”

Any words of wisdom?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Visit plant based clothing on their store, facebook or instagram.


Why I love BecoThings!

I just went on a super long love-rant about why I love BecoThings so much. Thought I should share it with you guys!

BecoBowls are…

  • Biodegradable
  • Plastic-free
  • Durable and dishwasher-safe
  • Made from waste rice husks and left over parts from making chopsticks
  • Made in a factory owned by the brand
  • Made near to where the raw materials are produced


  • They don’t take any land away from food production unlike many biodegradable products (great for people)
  • You can bury them in the garden when they get broken or old …. they will then fertilise the flowers!
  • The rubber toys are made from natural tree rubber
  • The cat toys are made from post consumer plastic bottles.


I really do think BecoThings are GREAT! 🙂

Ethical Business: Ethical Life – The Crafty Kim Searle

EBEL logoMeet Kim Searle, textile and jewellery super-woman!  We met Kim at a vegan fair in Manchester and fell in love with her quirky, intelligent and beautifully made trinkets. Anna even has a “Badass Feminist Killjoy” floral banner on her desk! Kim will be attending lots of Vegan fairs in the coming months, and also runs workshops regularly!

So, Kim, how did you get into crafts and textiles?

I started making things to sell when I was about 16, I really loved making things but have always been a realist and knew that I couldn’t keep buying materials and that there were only so many things I could make for myself and friends.

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Northern Vegan Festival Twitter Competition Winners!

Following the Northern Vegan Festival, those who took their pets an ethical present home from our stall got the chance to enter our photo competition on Twitter. Here are our wonderful winners!

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Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Meet The Afternoon Tea Co!

EBEL logo

When did you start The Afternoon Tea Co?

The Afternoon Tea Co was started at the back end of 2016. I originally had a business called Betsy’s Living Vintage which included event styling, vintage prop hire and afternoon tea parties for hen dos. The business was a great success, running for two years. However, as I went vegan myself, I felt my business had to reflect this too. Due to a number of reasons, I decided to close Betsy’s and have a complete re-brand. The Afternoon Tea Co was born!

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An Anxious Dog

Bryn, our new rescue dog, is starting to settle in well. He likes the cats (okay a bit to much) and he gets on really well with my Mum and Dad’s dogs. He even likes to play Beco-tug with the incorrigible Thea!

He likes sleeping on fluffy warm rugs and being tucked in nice and cosy with blankets. Despite all the progress, he remains a troubled dog and recovery is going to be a long road for him. Here is a little bit of info about the things which are working so far…

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