Chips away! A freebie wood chip mulch for our allotment

This week on the new allotment we have been putting a wood chip mulch under the apple trees.

On trial

Given the time of year there isn’t much we can do to impress the allotment bosses in our six week trial.

Putting a mulch down under the apple trees is simple enough. It helps control weeds and it will feed the soil ahead of my brother’s wild flower lawn idea.

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Veganic allotment day 1 & 2

After a while on the waiting list, we finally got an allotment this week. We have a six week trial period in which to improve the site and show a commitment to looking after it. Once that’s done it’s fully ours!

Given that it’s the middle of winter, we decided to start with maintenance rather than planting.

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Our new Veganic allotment!

Hi all, exciting news for us! WE GOT AN ALLOTMENT!!

We don’t have much outside space at our house and almost no sun, so growing veg has been hard for us so far.

Now we have an allotment we plan on growing our own fruit and veg “stock free organic” style, aka vegan organic/veganic.

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