Polythene Pam Loves BecoBowls!

It’s not that we are attention seekers… but we do love it when people talk about us! Here is a fab little article about us published recently by the Plastic Is Rubbish team Polythene Pam and Village Boy. They just LOVE our super-sustainable plastic free pet bowls from BecoThings… did you hear they are made from rice husks and bamboo? Now that’s the kind of gossip we like to see spreading! Take a read of what they said below:

Biodegradable Pet Bowls

For the plastic free pooch in your life, a biodegradablebio-plastic food bowl!

“Eco-friendly and functional, Becothings are tough and durable. The Becobowl is dishwasher safe and will last for years in the home – when you are done, simply drill a few holes in the bottom and bury it in a flowerbed! Because Becothings are made from waste waste rice husks and sustainably grown bamboo, land is not being taken away from food production to make them (phew!). They are made from 80% plant material and the rest is amino-acid resin – they will break down in a few years once they are underground”

They also do scoops, hoops and bones in the same material.

you can buy them and loads more ethical pet supplies from Ethical Pets, a locally owned, on-line company run by Joey and Anna.

Check out the mission statement…

We sell Recyclable & Recycled; Vegan & Vegetarian; Biodegradable & Degradable; Non-tested; Non Toxic; Certified Organic & non-GM; High-Welfare; Fairly Traded & Made in the UK, Low Carbon & Sustainable pet products.

We make ethical shopping easy and enjoyable.

We always provide balanced and honest information about the products that we sell.

We want to raise the profile of ethical pet products.

We will always try and provide the best possible customer service.

Whats not to like? I almost want to get a pet…

How To Boycott Plastic

Find plastic-free products with the

Plastic-free Resource Index

Read up about plastic & the boycott here

About the Plastic Is Rubbish blog

In January 2007, maddened by plastic trash, we began boycotting plastic products, sourcing plastic-free alternatives.

Why boycott plastic?

Plastic lasts for ever and we are using it to make one-use, throwaway items and cheap trashy products that quickly break. We are creating everlasting rubbish that future generations will have to clean up. Plastic is damaging the environment, killing wild life and may be poisoning us.

The boycott started as a personal response to the increase in plastic rubbish littering the environment, the bags in trees, the rubbish washed up on the beaches the trash vortexes in the oceans. Plastic of course doesn’t biodegrade so this rubbish is increasing exponentially. It was driving us fricking crazy.

plastic-waste.jpgThe plastic waste we created, in one week, in our pre-boycott days. Eeek!

We got to thinking how much plastic rubbish we were responsible for. In fact we monitored it. Then we wanted to see if it was possible to go without plastic.
Years on and we are still finding new plastic to have learnt much more about plastic. We now realise there is a lot more than just rubbish to be considered. And yet we still believe that properly managed plastic has a future.

The boycott guidelines
We don’t boycott all plastic – we are happy to use the Dyson, the computer and TV . We are even happy to use plastic products that ultimately cut our consumption of plastic. However we do shun trashy items that have a limited lifespan and plastic items for which there is a viable natural alternative. We prefer biodegradable products stuff that can be burnt on our stove or composted.


We blog as Polythene Pam and Village Boy. We live oop north (Yorkshire) in a small industrial town. We often shop at supermarkets, eat meat, drink alcohol, munch cheese and scoff down cake. Giving up is not in our nature – we want to do everything – just without creating a huge pile of non-biodegradable rubbish that lasts forever. Over the years we have sourced a huge number of plastic free products. You can find them listed on our blog www.plasticisrubbish.wordpress.com

We write the blog for free, gratis, nowt. It is our voluntary environmental work All the products are ones that we regularly use.

However we are always on the look out for new products and are happy to review any that might be sent to us for consideration.

You can contact us on plasticisrubbish@yahoo.co.uk

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