World Vegan Month – Could you and your dog take the vegan pledge?

November is World Vegan Month, where celebrities, businesses and everyday folk can take the vegan pledge for a week or a month, and see what it’s like to be vegan!

“I love animals…. but I could never give up meat” is something a lot of people say to me when they find out I am vegan.

Similarly “I have been vegetarian for years… but I just can’t live without cheese” is what a lot of my veggie friends have declared.

My response is always – “being a vegan is easier than you might think!”

Vegan options available just about everywhere now, and lots of normal everyday foods are vegan anyway (oreo’s nomnom!). Plus there are 100% vegan café’s, like v-revolution in Manchester, popping up all over the place and an ever growing range of vegan shoes (like Wills Shoes) clothes, cakes and of course…. pet foods.

If you are thinking of taking a vegan pledge, why not take your dog with you, with our vegan starter pack offer. Vegan pet food has many advantages, both for your pet, and for the planet too. Here are some advantages of Yarrah Organic dog food and treats

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Healthy and nutritious: meets all the required nutritional standards and more
  • Good for skin conditions
  • No animals are harmed to make the food
  • 100% Organic – protects the environment and wildlife
  • Free from chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s etc.
  • Can be mixed with meat foods if needed.

If you like the sound of that – then why not try a Vegan Dog Starter Pack, with Dry and Wet Foods, plus some treats, for only £25.00 (that’s a saving of £5.24)

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