Boxing Clever: Our New Packaging

It’s been an exciting few months of Joey and I – we have expended into wholesale and our web-shop is doing better than ever. Since we started two years ago all our orders have been sent in re-used packaging, we have been collecting boxes and packets from neighbours and friends, and it has worked very well. However, now we are sending out more orders than we can find boxes for – so we have had to buy our own boxes for the first time.

Our Enviro-Box

For posting tins and heavy things we chose an “Enviro-Box” – these are even stronger than a heavy duty “double-wall” box but at the same time use less cardboard. Buying a strong box doesn’t just mean you get your order in perfect shape – it means that the box can be used many more times before it needs to be recycled again. The materials used to make our Enviro-box are 7% lighter than a double wall box, which means postage is more economical, plus the process of manufacturing Enviro-box results in a 30% saving in CO2 emissions and the box is made from 80% recycled material – fab!

Eco in a Jiffy!

To post all those little things we sell, leads and collars, herbal tinctures and toys, for example, we needed some eco-bags. We bought some bubble lined envelopes made from from FSC approved paper. This means that the paper is from responsible run forestry projects and in this case, recycled paper is used. to. Also, no solvents are used in their production and printing which is great, and they can are recyclable too (though the extra tough paper is tear-resistant so they can be reused lots of times first!)

We hope you enjoy your orders just as much as ever, and you can rest assured that we are still doing everything we can to be ethical!

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