Joey’s Animal Facts Vol. 6 – Ribbit Ribbit


Welcome to Joey’s Animals Facts. This time we are focusing on the frogs.

What is the difference between frogs and toads? Surprisingly they are not two separate groups. All toads are actually types of frogs known as “true toads“ as opposed to “true frogs” which is made up of all the other non toady frogs!
True frogs are known for their bulging eyes, strong, long, webbed hind feet adapted for leaping and swimming, smooth or slimy skin as they usually like moister environments and the tendency to lay eggs in clusters.

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Boxing Clever: Our New Packaging

It’s been an exciting few months of Joey and I – we have expended into wholesale and our web-shop is doing better than ever. Since we started two years ago all our orders have been sent in re-used packaging, we have been collecting boxes and packets from neighbours and friends, and it has worked very well. However, now we are sending out more orders than we can find boxes for – so we have had to buy our own boxes for the first time.

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