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    Lupine dog collars are strong, soft and fully adjustable. They are ethically made and have a welded steel D-ring and heavy duty side release clasp. Each lupine collar and lead comes with the unique Lupine lifetime Guarantee (Even-If-Chewed). 12"-20" - 1" in Blue

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    Yarrah Vegetarian Multi Dog Biscuits are fortified with seaweed, spirulina, yeast and malt and contain three different flavours in a pack. Available in a new 250g bag.

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    Pet Remedy's natural de-stressing & calming sprays are a new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety using a unique treatment of Valerian essential oil, blended with Vetivert, Basil Sweet & Sage, it simply relaxes, not sedates. Available in 200ml and handy refillable 15ml bottles.

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    150g alu-cups come in singles or trays of 12.

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    Yarrah Organic Sensitive Chicken is a gluten free, organic and wholesome meal with 24% chicken! The exclusive use of high-grade, easily digestible low-allergen proteins (chicken only) and carbs (rice only) makes Yarrah Sensitive easy to digest and kind on the stomach. Available in 2 and 10 kg bags.

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    Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are extremely tasty and highly digestible, and can be fed to all dogs. If you have a smaller dog, then you can break the biscuits into smaller pieces. Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are composed in such a manner that the chances of allergic reactions and digestive problems are virtually negligible. Available in 500g bag.

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    The 400g tins also come in packs of 12.

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    Yarrah Organic Dog Food Senior is a healthy and wholesome meal made with 25% chicken/fish! The use of devil's claw, horse tail and rose hips can have a beneficial influence on your dog's joints and overall health. Senior is specially made for (average) dogs over 7 years. Available in 2 kg bags. Now with 10% Extra Free while stocks last!!

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    These Farm Roll chews are gluten free, low fat, eco-freindly and completely vegan. This Cerea snack is made from potato starch and is specially designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. An Ideal quick and enriching treat. Also get 10% OFF with our Multibuy box offer!

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    Tizzi (Twiz) is everything your dog needs in a toy: it’s seriously tough but also bounces and floats. It’s a ball, it spins like a shuttlecock and bounces unpredictably. It’s a tug rope: puuuul! It’s also a treat puzzle! Stuff it with goodies and watch your dog play! Tizzi is 100% recyclable and has a one time replacement guarantee. Non-toxic and...

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    Yarrah Organic Dog Food Small breed is specially developed for small dogs (<15kg). The combination of chicken and cereals makes Yarrah Puppy highly digestible and minimizes the chance of developing allergies and stomach problems.  

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    100% vegetarian/vegan and wheat-free, ultra sensitive dry dog food. Ideal for dogs that have difficulty with animal proteins and wheat. Available in 2kg and 10kg bags.


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