How and Why to Deal with Dog Poop

Why do we pick up dog Poo?

Well, today I read a great infographic from Earth Rated, our new Poop Bag manufacturer. It got me thinking about the reasons why we Brits pick up dog Poo.

Civic Duty

I think f0r most of us, we think more about the awfulness of stepping in dog poo above all else. We don’t want to put someone else though that, so we see poopa-scooping as a civic duty mostly. Part of being a good dog parent for sure.

Eco Actions

However, the Earth Rated infographic reminded me that actually politeness is not the most important reason to pick up doggie poo. Protecting wildlife, other peoples pets and our water systems are the real consequences, and totally vital!


What’s the Dog Fouling law in the UK?

There is a good summary of the UK law on Here are the highlights:

  • Blind people are not required to pick up after Guide Dogs (so don’t tell them off please)
  • You don’t legally have to pick up on farmland, woodland, rural common, moor or marsh land – but it’s certainly better for wildlife, pets and people to do so.
  • You don’t legally have to pick up when walking along a road with a 50 mph or more speed limit – it may be unsafe to do this.
  • Many local authorities now require people with a dog to have 1 or more empty poo bags on their person and can issue fines if you don’t. So it’s a very good idea to have a Poo Bag Dispenser  and Poo Bag Refills.

Thanks to Earth Rated for the Infographic.

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