Beastly Bamboo (on our allotment)

The quest to impress the allotment powers that be continues. So, after a brief break for Christmas and New Year…

… we are back to laying wood chip and weeding.

The wood chip mulch under the Apple trees is slowly taking shape. We have done two patches and dug in some of the green manure.

The next big task we have to contend with is removing some rampant bamboo, which is spilling over from a neighboring garden.

Luckily Anna’s Brother, Joe, has a mattock – a pickaxe like tool that’s just perfect for the job.

He worked for about an hour and made some good headway, but there is more to do still. We will be back to it tomorrow!

So far we are really enjoying the allotment. Purposeful time spent outside is just what we needed. It’s a struggle with our various health conditions, however, taking small steps gives a wonderful sense of achievement which is great for confidence and wellbeing.

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