Sparkle and Joy, an interview with Moon Child – Ethical Business: Ethical Life

Emma and Sophie both have Fashion design degrees and work full time as greeting cards publishers. While they are not bringing joy and sparkle that way, they bring it in another!

On evenings and weekends they work hard creating Organic, Fair Trade and gender neutral baby clothes! We think Moon Child are a good example of how so many ethical small businesses function: friendship and passion backed up with of the dedication and handwork!

So, how did this all get started?

“We in 2015 at work and became friends and by coincidence we also both became Aunties to awesome little Nieces: Elodie and Tillie.”

“We really wanted to spoil our new Nieces, but having just watched The True Cost (available on Netflix) we were bemused with the lack of Organic and Fairtrade cool clothes for babies and children Also, it seemed that the same old ‘Pink is for Girls’ + ‘Blue is for Boys’ limited style was still the norm.”

Yeah Gendered clothing – stupid right?!

“Yep, both Girls and Boys can love dinosaurs and running around in mud. So, in essence, we designed and created our clothes with a unisex aimed handwriting! After a year of research, gaining a following from our loyal customers in Instagram, Moon Child was born. We had 10 orders in the first day of launching which was fantastic!”

Just for us geeks – how DO you make such beautiful artwork, what tools and processes do you use?

“Well, Sophie created the fonts and hand drawn lettering that we use on our branding and social media posts. The logo was hand drawn with a brush pen and scanned in etc (we do this for a lot of things) and there’s also a hand drawn font that Sophie created on an iPad with Fontmaker!”

That’s amazing! So, what motivated you set up a whole business?

“We believe with all of the trillions of stars within this little universe, that Organic & Ethically Produced clothing is one of the key ingredients to ensure that our very own Planet Earth, becomes a sustainable world to live in.”

How do you do that on a practical level?

“We work fairly with each of our suppliers, paying a decent price so that they can in turn, pay decent wages. We produce our Organic Cotton in a Fairtrade workshop in India, not only because it is close to the Cotton Farms, but also because they are experts in Cotton Weaving. Then, our pieces are hand made in England, and the USA making them SWEAT-SHOP-FREE.”

What about your day to day lives? Is Moon Child full time yet?

“Not yet, we both work full time in a Greetings Card Publishers in Yorkshire. So when we’re not glittering up cards or making pretty patterns we’re working hard running the business until early hours of the morning. Its hard work but we enjoy it!”

Any words of wisdom?

“Stay wild. Be brave, be kind, and be curious.”


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