The Revolution is Coming (and it sounds and tastes goooood!)

On Saturday I popped in to Manchester’s 100% Vegan diner. My socks were blown so far off I never did find them again….

To put this into perspective, I have spent a bit of time in Berlin while working for the Free Software Foundation Europe. Every time I visit, I come home feeling like I have had a cultural “dressing down” from a city who knows how to “do” Veganism and Ethical Living in a way that makes our efforts look terrifyingly “English” (pale… prudish… “down with that sort of thing”)

But while sat in V-revolution, listening underground rock music from their very own Vinyl record shop, using the free wifi to catch up on my latest campaign work, eating a big fat vegan double cheese

burger with a decent coffee and a peanut butter Blondie on the side, in their sleek USA Diner meets 21st century Manchester interior… which was packed with interesting, creative, brilliant people… I thought to my self…

The Revolution IS coming… and this is what it feels like!!

So now, when my friends from Berlin come and visit, I can proudly say “And that, my friends… is how it’s done!”

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