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When did you have the idea to set up your Vegan shoe shop?
I started Wills with a passion to provide animal and human friendly shoes with high-street styles and prices. My dream is to bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes.

Why is Wills different to the other Vegan shoe shops?
Wills is about getting the latest fashions out there at a fair prices, while not hurting animals or people in the process. There are some beautiful brands on the market but many of them are out of the everyday shopper’s
price range. With Wills Vegan Shoes, people can choose ethical fashion without breaking the bank.

When does your shop launch?
Wills launches on Saturday 9th November. To celebrate the launch of Wills Vegan Shoes, visitors to the official website can enter their email address in exchange for a £10 gift voucher to be used once the on-line store is live within the next few weeks.

Anything else you want to mention?

Yes, these is a great event in London this weekend.People can join Fat Gay Vegan and The Vegan Society for a day of vegan food, shopping and socialising in north London as the Brecknock Road Vegan Festival takes over Kentish Town on Saturday November 9th, 2013 from 11am. More than 200 visitors are expected to converge on the north London shopping street to enjoy street food, learn about veganism, celebrate the launch of our Winter range and socialise at the after party in local traditional pub The Admiral Mann.

Any special offers for your Launch?

Visit to get your gift voucher now

And social media stuff?

Follow Wills Vegan Shoes on Twitter: @WillsVeganShoes

Like Wills Vegan Shoes on Facebook:
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