Zogoflex Tizzi (Twiz)


Tizzi (Twiz) is everything your dog needs in a toy: it’s seriously tough but also bounces and floats. It’s a ball, it spins like a shuttlecock and bounces unpredictably. It’s a tug rope: puuuul! It’s also a treat puzzle! Stuff it with goodies and watch your dog play!

Tizzi is 100% recyclable and has a one time replacement guarantee. Non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Measures 16cm.

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A super choice for toothy dogs that are easily bored. Tizzi is the ultimate dog toy. It’s fast-flying, bonkers-bouncing, super-spinning, fabulous-floating and has tremendous-tugability – plus the special treat-hole which makes a great puzzle for your clever dog. It comes with low-waste and has eco-friendly packaging.

Action-packed and guaranteed tough, Tizzi toy is made from Zogoflex a non-toxic, buoyant, pliable and 100% recyclable material. All Zogoflex toys come with a one-time replacement guarantee, and while no toy is completely indestructible, the Zogoflex return rate is less than 1%.


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