Otto Learns to Fly!

Here’s a new video about Otto! He is doing really well as you can see! He has had a talc bath to help his feathers grow and to keep him warm, he has been eating lots (and lots) and likes being stroked and cuddled! This video is about Otto’s flying lessons, and is dedicated to the wonderful Jonny Phillips (Anna’s Uncle) of Oriole and the f-fire collective. Oriole’s new album “Every New Day” has just been released, and has been given a great review by the Guardian amongst others! Oriole is a little refined for little Otto’s taste however, with him being only a wee baby bird still: so his tracks of choice for today were the flap-tastic “It’s Just a Matter of Time” by Admiral Bob and the soar-o-matic “Norleans Lovasby” by Jeris, both courtesy of Hope you like the video, and don’t forget to check out Orioles new album!

Because all life is sacred…

This is Otto! Watch this space for progress updates! Today, day 2, he learned to stand on one leg, which is very clever as yesterday he couldn’t stand up at all!

This video features the songs Almost Given Up by Loveshadow and you! (na-na-na-na) by DoKashiteru, downloaded from – with thanks!