North Yorkshire Vegan Fair Harrogate

Another grand day out at a Vegan Fair, today we got to visit Harrogate, Joey’s Birthplace. Here are some of the amazing things we saw.

Vegan Unicorn Cupcakes

Vegan cupcakes with unicorn twist.

What else is there to say. Unicorns. Cupcakes. Vegan. Yay!!

These marvels are made by Scrummy Crumbs vegan bakery.

Cat themed trinkets

Vegan fairs often have animal sanctuary charity stalls. This stall from Care 4 Cats Rescue was full of super cute cat themed goodies.

I loved their cat compact mirrors

Vegan fair cat rescue cat mirrors

And their grumpy cat sellotape dispensers!

Vegan fair cat rescue cat sellotape dispenser

Free Cheese Samples

Most vegan fairs will have free samples of Vegan cheese alternatives. There was a particularly spectacular collection at Harrogate.

Vegan cheese Harrogate vegan fair

Booja Booja Easter Eggs

The delicious and beautiful truffle filled fairly traded Easter Eggs by were on sale at the FarPlace Animal Sanctuary stall.

Delicious cashew based vegan cheese

Tyne Chease make amazing healthy cheese alternatives based on cashee nuts. They are aged and cultured, live and raw. They have a high protein content and no gums oe starches. Find out more at

Travel soaps for gym/swim

We were highly impressed with these ingenious, simple hand made soaps that come with their own recyclable pot.

These are made by the just launched Keep an eye out for them at upcoming vegan fairs. There is something unique and practical about their soaps, which have both a rugged and fun appeal while being sensitive skin safe and ethical too!


Snow was falling stop start throughout the day too!

We took some really beautiful video footage on the drive home, you can see that here.

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