Meet Bryn: our new dog

This is Bryn, our new and oh-my-gosh-how-adorable rescue dog. Bryn, who is 10, has had a really hard time – he was a farmers dog but his farmer sadly past away and Bryn was so brokenhearted he had a doggie nervous breakdown. He had pulled out all his fur and damaged his tail so much it had to be amputated, he was very distressed to have lost his best friend.

Our good friends at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary nursed him back to health, and when we told them we were ready to start looking for a new dog they figured we would be a match made in heaven! Bryn is a Border Collie so he is very clever and needs to be kept entertained: boredom seems to trigger his hair-pulling behavior so he can’t be left home alone for long periods. Because we both work from home we are around all day to help him if he gets upset.

When he gets upset there are a few things we have found that help him. First of all a good long walk!


Bryn used to live on a farm, so he is used to lots of fresh air and is always happy to go for a long walk. He isn’t great on the lead as he isn’t used to it, so we walk him in places where there is room for him to run around and no roads near by.

So far he likes Spring Wood and the Knuzden section of the Weavers Wheel.

He looks very wolfy when he is out in the wilds, especially in the ancient woodland of spring woods. It all feels very Game of Thrones!

The Eye

We have never had a collie before, and we think Bryn probably worked as a sheep dog when he was younger. Border collies use “the eye” to help round up sheep, which means a lot of staring and glaring mostly! This takes a bit of getting used to!

Play time!

Collies love to “work” – I have never had a dog that was motivated by anything other than food, but once Bryn put’s his mind to a task nothing, not even a tasty treat, will distract him. When we are on a walk he loves to play with sticks… or logs!

He also loves to play “go find it” where I hide a treat inside lots of paper and boxes and he has to dig and search for it. He also likes to try and catch joeys feet while he is walking, so we have nicknamed him “Bryndylow” because he is like a Gryndylow from Harry Potter.

Share the Love

It’s taken us a while to feel able to welcome a new doggie into our lives. Sasha and Shep died within a week of each other in September, and it was very sad and traumatic. However, dogs are such wonderful companions and it gives us real pleasure to look after those who really need that extra bit of care and attention: we have seen every day how much of a difference a good home can make to an old, lost doggie; so in a sense taking in Bryn is a memorial to tall of our old woof’s past too.

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