Yarrah Organic Cat Litter


This super absorbent 100% certified organic clay has incredible clumping properties which make it very economical cat litters. The organic oils ensure odours are controlled giving cats the mildest and safest environment when “nature calls”. Yarrah: you will never use anything else.



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Instructions for use

  1. 1. Cut a large enough hole out of one corner of the bag. Scatter at least 10-15cm of cat litter into a clean litter tray. Maintain a distance of 30cm between the bag and the clean litter tray.
  2. 2. Remove the lumps every day with a scoop. To get the best results, ensure that there is always 10-15cm of fresh Yarrah cat litter in the litter tray. Never use together with a different brand of cat litter.
  3. 3. Never dispose of the lumps in regular household waste, and NEVER FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET. Fresh Yarrah BIO clumping cat litter can be mixed with earth and used as a natural fertiliser in your garden.
  4. 4. Store Yarrah cat litter in a dry place.

1 kg of clumping litter for cats superabsorbent Yarrah BIO is equivalent to 2 kg of most of the traditional litter.

- Organic odour control
- No chemicals
- No detergent
- No perfumes added
- No fillers added like al the other litter
- Harder and dryer clumps
- No mess in the litter pan, if used as instructed by us
- Clay, oils and fats, minerals from controlled organic feed source
- Environmentally friendly
- Can be used as compost in the garden
- No bad odours
- Odourless
- Dust-free
- Fine grained


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