Yarrah Organic Cat Chew Sticks


The 100% organic Chew Stick with Fish is made with 96% meat, of which 4% Fish. We have added vitamins, minerals and herbs to ensure you give your pet a responsible treat. Of course we do not add any kind of artificial additives to the stick. 

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The environmentally conscious consumer will also be pleased to know that the heat required for drying is captured from generators used in the factory for production of other products.

Although the health benefits of these additional ingredients can not be proven because Yarrah will never test on animals, widely available literature supports our reasoning for adding them. All Yarrah products, including the new Organic Meat & Fish Chew Stick, are free of any chemical additives, hormones, genetically modified materials or preservatives. The environmentally conscious consumer will also be pleased to know that the heat required for drying is captured from generators used in the factory for production of other products.

Benefits of Yarrah products:

  • No GM ingredients in Yarrah products

  • No herbicides or pesticides on plant products

  • No added hormones in animals

  • No added sugar or milk products

  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or flavourings

  • Preserved using only natural minerals and vitamins


"Yarrah Organic pet food will immediately cease the use of certified organic fish in their pet food products with fish (7 out of the 36 different products). The regulations for production of organic fish does not comply with the mission of Yarrah, namely produce the finest organic pet food in the most responsible and sustainable manner. Yarrah will therefore be replacing organic fish with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish effective immediately.

Arthur Hartman, Yarrah QA manager: “After an investigation of organic fish, we discovered that due to current organic regulations:
1. It takes approximately 3 kg of sustainable, non organic fish derivatives to produce 1 kg of organic fish;
2. Organic fish are reared in captivity; sustainable caught fish swim in open water;
3. Some of our products contain salmon. In their natural habitat, a salmon swims solo. In captivity, the salmon is forced to swim in schools.
For Yarrah, animal welfare is crucial, but also sustainability for future generations. Yarrah firmly believes that the regulations for certified organic fish do not meet the core spirit of organic principles.”  
Replacing organic fish with MSC fish will have an impact on the Yarrah brand. For many years, the entire Yarrah range has been 100% organic. Jolanda Huizing, Marketing & Communication: “The ethical and logical decision to use MSC fish means the products containing fish will be classified only as “organic”, and loose the “100% organic” stature. Oddly enough however, these products will no longer be legally 100% organic, but are much closer to the organic principle!”
Yarrah will use only Marine Stewardship Council certified fish until the regulations for organic fish are changed to meet the basic (Yarrah) organic principles, care for the environment and animal welfare. Yarrah firmly believes that pet owners across the world will understand and support this decision. They depend on Yarrah not just because of the high quality ingredients, but also the core philosophy behind the brand; healthy, animal friendly, completely transparent and responsible."


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Yarrah Cat Chew Sticks Ingredients

80% beef trimmings* and beef heart*, 10% pork rind*, 4% MSC¹ dried fish, 1% dried chicken*, wheat*, corn*, salt, sandthorn*, seaweed*, and spirulina*.

* = organic

¹From an MSC certified sustainable fishery. www.msc.org.

Yarrah Cat Chew Sticks Nutritional Info

Amount per Day

  • Small Cat - 1
  • Medium Cat - 2
  • Large Cat - 4
  • Extra Large Cat - 4

Analytical Constituents

  • Crude protein 43%
  • Crude fibre 2.1%
  • Crude fat 29.7%
  • Crude ash 7%
  • Moisture 14.7%
  • Carbohydrates 3.5%
  • Calcium 1.5%
  • Phosphorus 1.1%
  • Sodium 0.8%
  • Magnesium 0%
  • Salt 2%


  • Kcal/100g 415
  • KJ/100g 1889.4

Nutritional Additives

  • Vitamin A (IE/kg) 0
  • Vitamin B1 (mg/kg) 0
  • Vitamin B2 (mg/kg) 0
  • Vitamin B6 (mg/kg) 0
  • Vitamin B12 (mcg/kg) 0
  • Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 300
  • Vitamin E (mg/kg) 0
  • Taurine (mg/kg) 0
  • L-Carnitin (mg/kg) 0
  • Biotin (mcg/kg) 0

Trace Elements

  • Iodine (mg/kg) 0
  • Manganese (mg/kg) 0
  • Iron (mg/kg) 0
  • Copper (mg/kg) 0
  • Zinc (mg/kg) 0
  • Selenium (mg/kg) 0

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