You're vegan? We are too! Now, what about the dogs and cats? The good news is they can be vegan too! Check out our nutritionally complete vegan dog food and cat food.

They're all cruelty free, plant based and tasty. Veganism is about more than just food though right? Animals are also harmed by habitat destruction, climate change & animal testing too! So, every pet product on our site is as ethical as possible - for the animals!

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    These Rice Bone treats are slightly harder than other Cerea chews so will last a bit longer. They are also low fat, eco-freindly, very entertaining as well as completely vegan. They are made from hypoallergenic potato and rice protein, specially designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. Especially good for sensitive pooches. NEW RECIPE! Also get 10% OFF...

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    Pet Remedy's natural de-stressing & calming plug-in diffuser is a new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety using slow release technology. Using a unique treatment of Valerian essential oil, blended with Vetivert, Basil Sweet & Sage, it simply relaxes, not sedates.  Refill packs available. Party Season Survival Kit includes:...

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    Antos's new Origin root chew are a new natural and enriching chew made from the tuber root of a tree. They are sustainably sourced and full of nutrients. They are long lasting, don't splinter, 100% Natural, suitable for all dogs (including puppies), low in fat and do not contain any artificial additives or preservative.

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    These delicious dog treats are Soopa healthy and Soopa tasty too! Not sure which to choose? Try coconut for weight loss, papaya for digestion and sweet potato for eyesight - or any of them for yumminess! Contents: Sweet potato 100g; Coconut 100g; Papaya 85g.

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    A Soopa festive selection box of dental sticks and healthy bites with Cranberry and Sweet Potato. They are bursting with natural  plant based goodness to help keep your dog healthy and happy this Christmas. Each Christmas selection box contains 4x Dental Sticks and 50x healthy bites. All Soopa products are vegan, hypoallergenic and grain free for dogs...


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