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Vegan Dog Treats? Sure, why not! These natural, low fat, chemical free Vegan yummies are perfect for keeping your dog in great shape - including their teeth! We stock all the most bonza brands, including AntosSoopa and Yarrah Organic. Vegan treats have a low environmental impact and help to combat climate change - so if your dog keeps telling you treats are important, they're right!

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    These 100% natural, gluten free Dental Bites are a vegetable based chew with a minimal fat content. As with all of the Antos Cerea range they are made from compounded vegetable fibres with natural colourings. An ideal quick and enriching treat. 500g Tub.

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    These Mini Frogs are low fat, eco-freindly, very entertaining and completely vegan. This Gluten Free Cerea snack is made with potato starch and designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. Why not put some peanut butter inside for extra food time fun.  Approx 7cm

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    Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are extremely tasty and highly digestible, and can be fed to all dogs. If you have a smaller dog, then you can break the biscuits into smaller pieces. Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are composed in such a manner that the chances of allergic reactions and digestive problems are virtually negligible. Available in 500g bag.

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    These delicious dog treats are Soopa healthy and Soopa tasty too! Not sure which to choose? Try coconut for weight loss, papaya for digestion and sweet potato for eyesight - or any of them for yumminess! Contents: Sweet potato 100g; Coconut 100g; Papaya 85g.

  • £3.99 Product available with different options

    These chew sticks and bites are Soopa tasty and packed full of Soopa foods too! Not sure which is best? Try Kale & Apple for immune support, Cranberry & Sweet Potato for dental hygiene and Carrot & Pumpkin for digestion. Contains: 4 sticks per pack (100g) / 50 bites per pack (50g)


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