Soopa Dental Sticks & Bites


These chew sticks and bites are Soopa tasty and packed full of Soopa foods too! Not sure which is best? Try Kale & Apple for immune support, Cranberry & Sweet Potato for dental hygiene and Carrot & Pumpkin for digestion.

Contains: 4 sticks per pack (100g) / 50 bites per pack (50g)


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These healthy dog snacks grain free and packed full of healthy plant based ingredients. All the raw ingredients are sourced from the EU and the treats are made in Ireland.

Choose the sticks for a longer chew, or for larger dogs. Choose the bites for a quick treat or for smaller dogs.

Kale & Apple

Made from Kale, the ‘Queen of Greens’, which has anti-cancer and immune boosting properties. Chock-fill of antioxidants, iron, calcium and important vitamins. The treat also contains kelp, one of the planets most nutrient-dense foods around, great for your dog’s skin, coat, nails and teeth.

Carrot & Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds are known as ‘Power Seeds’ because they are so good for skin, coat and digestion. They may help protect your dog against intestinal parasites. This treat contains coconut oil too, and turmeric, great for calming inflammation.

Cranberry & Sweet Potato

Cranberry is full of anti-oxidants, fibre and Vitamin C which are said to be great for dental health, bad breath, immune support and of course fighting urinary tract infections. These treats have added flaxseed, a great way to aid digestion.

All three treats are suitable for dogs with:

  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Pancreatitis
  • Low Immunity


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Soopa Dental Sticks and Bites Ingredients

Kale and Apple

Ingredients: whole potato flour, potato starch,veg glycerine, calcium carbonate, organic dried kelp powder, kale powder, apple powder and coconut.

Carrot and Pumpkin

Ingredients: whole potato flour, potato starch, veg glycerine, carrot pieces dried, calcium carbonate, pumpkin seed flour, organic coconut oil and turmeric.

Cranberry & Sweet Potato

Ingredients: whole potato flour, potato starch, veg glycerine, cranberry pieces dried, calcium carbonate, sweet potato powder and flaxseed milled.

Soopa Dental Sticks & Bites Nutritional Info

All Flavors

Analysis: only 73 Calories Per Stick! Oil/Fat 2.69% Crude Protein 4.30% Crude Fibre 1.30% Ash 5.20% Moisture 15.8%

Suitable for: dogs with obesity, allergies, pancreatitis, low immunity

Why Soopa Dental Sticks & Bites are Vegan

Soopa chews don't contain any meat or animal products and the company only sells plant based products at this time. They describe themselves as being "Vegan Friendly" on their website. In contradiction they also say that they "do not advocate" dogs be on a Vegan diet on their website too.

Soopa promote animal adoption on their website and donate chews to rescue charities.

Why Soopa Dental Sticks & Bites are Eco

Soopa are made only from plants, which is a great way to reduce your dog's carbon paw print.

Soopa Sticks are made in Ireland with ingredients sourced in the EU. This also reduces food miles compared with other treats, for example, compared to the Soopa raw chews which are made in Vietnam.

Why Soopa Dental Sticks & Bites are Fairly Traded

Sooper Sticks are made in Ireland with ingredients grown in the EU. This means both farming and manufacture are covered by EU working regulations which give workers the right to:

  • health and safety at work
  • equal opportunities for women and men
  • protection against discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation
  • labour law

Read more about this here.

How to recycle Soopa Dental Sticks/Bites Packaging

The packaging of both the sticks and bites is made of cardboard with a small plastic window. The treats are then enclosed in a plastic back for freshness.

The bites box can be reused one time as a poop-a-scoop, if your dog does little poops. If not, you can peel off the plastic window and put the cardboard box in with paper recycling. The plastic baggie in the bites box is resealable and can be used to store treats in your handbag/pocket till it wears out. You could also use it to store other things in if you washed it out, however, not human food because the treats are made in a dog food factory. The plastic bag  and window may be recyclable or burned to produce electricity, depending on your area - otherwise these are not recyclable.

The sticks box could may be used as a pencil box, but otherwise needs to go into the paper recycling, once the plastic window has been removed. The plastic bag can be used to store the treats but afterwards won't be very useful. The plastic bag and window may be recyclable or burned to produce electricity, depending on your area - otherwise these are not recyclable.