Lupine Eco Dog Collars & Leads


The Lupine ECO are made from recycled plastic bottles. They come with the LupinePet "Even if Chewed, Lifetime Guarantee".


  • 1/2" x 10"-16"
  • 3/4" x 9"-14"
  • 3/4" x 13"-22"
  • 1" x 12"-20"

Lead: 3/4" x 6ft

Colours: Berry (Red), Sunshine (Yellow) & Tropical Sea (Blue)

Collar and lead sold separately




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The Lupine Pet Eco collection features collars and padded handle dog leads made from recycled plastic bottles. In beautiful nature inspired colours, with their unique Jacquard weave two tone weave, the collars are both beautiful and sustainable. 

They are are available in three widths, and 4 adjustable size ranges for the collars. There are 3 colours to choose from. We have tested them personally and found, even on an "oily" terrier who rolls in mud, they wash back to "new" in sink or machine.

The Eco lead has an ultra-soft padded handle for comfort while walking even the strongest of pullers.

The collars and leads are hand-made at the Lupine Pet factory in New Hampshire (USA), by a workforce of 75 people. Lupine was founded in 1992 and takes great pride in the high quality of their products. (Read the Lupine story here). 

Lupine Eco Dog Collar & Lead Materials

The collars and leads are made of polyester, from recycled plastic bottles. They have a unique and durable 2-tone weave, soft, strong and attractive. They wash well in a machine.

The buckles and adjusters are made of plastic and are made by YKK. The buckles are a custom design for lupine. The adjusters have non-slip teeth molded in to keep the collar at the correct size even with the strongest of pullers.

The D-rings are heavy duty welded steel, the are rust resistant and designed for long term heavy use.

Lupine Eco Dog Collar & Lead Fitting

Download the Lupine fitting guide here.

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Why Lupine Eco Dog Collar & Lead is Eco

The fabric part of the collar is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. This avoids using "virgin" plastic, and the environmental destruction and climate pollution which comes with it. At the same time, the benefits of plastic in terms of durability, strength are maintained - the best of both worlds.

The collars are designed to last. They are so durable that they have a replacement guarantee on them, even if chewed! If your lead or collar are damaged in a any way, you will get a free replacement. The guarantee is for life - you don't need proof of purchase etc.

The buckles, adjusters and D rings are made by YKK. The company has extensive environmental policies linked from the main menu of their website.

The collars are manufactures in the USA and shipped to the UK by boat.

Why Lupine Eco Dog Collar & Lead are Fairly Traded

Lupine dog collars and leads are made by a small, well established family run factory in New Hampshire USA. The collars are hand made in a safe working environment with labour laws which are similar to those in the UK. This includes health and safety law and the right to unionise

The buckles are made by YKK who have a their sustainability and certification policies listed on their website. They appear to be engaged with several national and international schemes to ensure worker safety, for example in Bangladesh.

Blogs about Lupine Eco Dog Collar & Lead

Recycled plastic dog collar – What does Maisie think?

We got a very special email this week from Maisie the Miniature Schnauzer. Her Mummy recently bought her a Eco Dog Collar and Lead. It's made by Lupine from post consumer plastic bottles! This recycled plastic dog collar and lead even comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Lupine eco dog collar and lead

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Very Sturdy and Attractive

I am really pleased with the lead and collar. They are both sturdy and attractive, the clip seems strong. They are also easy to adjust. I can't think of any negatives.

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