Earth Rated Poop Bag Dispenser


Be kinder to the environment by using green degradable poop scoop bags. A simple, eco way to clear up your doggies poo!

The dispenser comes with 15 unscented bags, an adjustable strap and hook to hold used bags. Earth Rated dog waste bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down.

Refill Multi-Packs available.

Choose between Lavender Scented and Unscented Roll.


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We're not gonna lie, the eco politics of poo bags is a toughie.

While it's true that there are some corn/plant based solutions available on the market, they often use GM corn, are shipped a long way and take land away from food production. Also, the plant based ones are less durable and often result in double bagging on long walks.

The Earth Rated bags are made from plastic, which is also never ideal. However the roll core and packaging are made from recycled materials and the bag production process also involved recycling any scraps/edges/faulty bags.

Both solutions will struggle to biodegrade in landfill and will give off greehouse gasses if they do.

We have gone for the simple, cheap and tough option which will biodegrade outdoors if blown away or left behind.If

It's an option for you, we suggest looking into dog poop composting at home, however, it's a difficult task and not suitable for homes with people/pets who may eat the resulting compost. For now we will stick with these bags but if you hear of a waste plant material European made bag, please let us know.


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