Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Meet The Afternoon Tea Co!

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When did you start The Afternoon Tea Co?

The Afternoon Tea Co was started at the back end of 2016. I originally had a business called Betsy’s Living Vintage which included event styling, vintage prop hire and afternoon tea parties for hen dos. The business was a great success, running for two years. However, as I went vegan myself, I felt my business had to reflect this too. Due to a number of reasons, I decided to close Betsy’s and have a complete re-brand. The Afternoon Tea Co was born!

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The EU referendum: animal welfare and the environment

We try to avoid talking about politics too much, we know you, our wonderful customers, are a diverse bunch of folk and we don’t want to alienate, annoy or stress-out anyone…. However, the result of the EU referendum may have big consequences for animals and the environment, and we felt we should do a round-up of information for those who are undecided.

First up, here is a little about three organisations working at the EU level for improved animal welfare.

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Ethical Pets Say NO to Fracking


Today Anna is working from a temporary office outside the council offices in Preston, joining in with the last-ditch attempt to stop fracking in Lancashire. Tomorrow, the council will make their decision.

Petitions can be found on Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees (petition ended).

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Frogs Crossing


Anna went walking with the dogs the other day and found around 30 squashed frogs in the road. The frogs were migrating (en masse) from higher up in the hills down to the waterside – but they had to cross the road to get there. The road was only an access route for the reservoir, and so a little careful driving could solve a lot of little froggies.

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The Revolution is Coming (and it sounds and tastes goooood!)

On Saturday I popped in to Manchester’s 100% Vegan diner. My socks were blown so far off I never did find them again….

To put this into perspective, I have spent a bit of time in Berlin while working for the Free Software Foundation Europe. Every time I visit, I come home feeling like I have had a cultural “dressing down” from a city who knows how to “do” Veganism and Ethical Living in a way that makes our efforts look terrifyingly “English” (pale… prudish… “down with that sort of thing”)

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Ethical Buisness: Ethical Life. Vol 6.

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When did you have the idea to set up your Vegan shoe shop?
I started Wills with a passion to provide animal and human friendly shoes with high-street styles and prices. My dream is to bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes.
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The Objectives of Organic

To celebrate Organic September, and our exciting new involvement with Yarrah Organic pet food, we are publishing a series of detailed blogs about the in’s-and-out’s of Organic food production. The blog series will follow closely the structure of Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 – the European Union regulations on organic food production. We aim to bring this rule-book to life, with examples, videos and ideas to show just how important the Organic Food revolution is – and to make you proud to be a part of it. This week, in part one, we will discuss the Objectives of Organic.

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