10 Reasons Why We Run Ethical Pets

Hey everyone, here’s a quick getting to know you blog! Ethical Pets is run by Joey and Anna: it’s a small, family run independent company.

Anna & Joey, Ethical Pets
Anna & Joey run Ethical Pets

Here’s 10 reasons why we do what we do here at Ethical Pets. Running a small business is hard work: this is what motivates us!

1. We are big time animal lovers!

We’re much more comfortable around our animal companions than our fellow humans. Running a pet shop gives us plenty of opportunity to spoil and pamper our pets!

Bryn, Ethical Pets dog
We adore our rescue collie Byrn!

2. We’re customers

We set up Ethical Pets because there wasn’t anywhere we could buy our ethical pet supplies all at once. We had to keep shopping with different companies. Shopping ethically should be easy, so we try and make that happen.

3. We care about all animals

Of course we know and very much adore our own special pets…. But we love cows, sheep, pigs and chickens too!

So, we want them to be safe and loved. Ideally, we would like them not to be used for food at all, including dog and cat food.

This is why we sell Vegan dog food and Vegan cat food.

Anna saves frogs
Anna putting up signs to save frogs from getting run over.

4. We’re both Vegan

We want to help more vegans to change their cats and dogs over to a vegan diet. We also want to teach more people about veganism! For both of these reasons we have a stall at lots of vegan fairs.

Vegan cake! 🍰

We both grew up vegetarian, and it was hard work back in the 80s and 90s. Now being vegan is not too hard at all! Our advice is: go slow, enjoy yourself & make mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect vegan!

5. We’re scientists

We both graduated from university with science degrees, Joey in biology and Anna in psychology. Anna loves brains!

We have read most of the research available about vegan dog and cat food. It’s good news! Studies show it is a safe and healthy diet, provided the foods are good quality.

6. We’re pragmatists

We’re both pragmatists as well as idealists. While both of us strive for perfection, we also understand that the world isn’t simple. Change takes time!

Because of this, we want to cater for people and animals who don’t want to have a vegan diet. We aim to provide them with the most Ethical alternatives we can find. Therefore, we sell only Yarrah meat foods, because they are the most ethical.

7. We can make a difference

We think that little businesses like ours can have a big impact on the world. Businesses can challenge perceptions, encourage compassion and provide alternatives to mainstream companies.

Anna at an Anti-fracking demo in Preston

8. Joey has health problems

We initially set up Ethical Pets after Joey caught lyme disease on a university Field Trip. Unfortunately he wasn’t getting better, and is still unwell today.

Extra flexibility and being able to work from home made it possible for him to go back to work.

9. Anna is a Boss

Anna… likes her independence. She enjoys being self-employed much more than employed!
Anna comes from a long line of unconventional folk: musicians, entrepreneurs and of course her mum who is Vicar.

Badass feminist killjoy
Anna is a Boss!

10. We’re problem solvers

We don’t take no for an answer! So, if we think we can fix something, we’ll go ahead and do it. To us, Ethical Pets is more a solution to a problem than a business.

    3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We Run Ethical Pets”

    1. So nice to hear how you set up your business.
      My sister and I met you at one of the vegan fairs we went to (woverhampton I think!) and you introduced us to the root chews, my sister’s dog loves them so I am trying one for my dog.
      Keep up the good work.


    2. There isn’t an ethical way of killing an animal. So we can’t call any product with animal flesh in it “ethical”. I hope you will stop selling cruel meat version of yarrah. Thank you

      1. Hi, I agree there is no ethical way to kill an animal, however, some pets won’t or can’t eat Vegan pet food – like my cat Emony (both brands of vegan cat food make her vomit, as do many other brands of food).

        In that situation, I feel it is best to choose the least horrendous meat food possible. Especially, if like Yarrah, it is not killing additional animals for pet food.

        Out of interest, what do you suggest for companion animals that can’t tolerate the current vegan food brands available?

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