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When did you start The Afternoon Tea Co?

The Afternoon Tea Co was started at the back end of 2016. I originally had a business called Betsy’s Living Vintage which included event styling, vintage prop hire and afternoon tea parties for hen dos. The business was a great success, running for two years. However, as I went vegan myself, I felt my business had to reflect this too. Due to a number of reasons, I decided to close Betsy’s and have a complete re-brand. The Afternoon Tea Co was born!

How did the first month go?

It took a fair few months to get the branding together and packaging right, before taking the plunge and having a stall at Northern Vegan Fest (April 2017). It was a great success and since then has had so much amazing feedback about our cream tea in a bag!

You can say that again! Your facebook reviews are epic!

What else have you done so far?

We’ve also hosted a vegan afternoon tea as part of a hen party and had our cream tea in a bag in a bakery on Glossop high street. A great success in our first proper month of trading!

What is your day-to-day life like as an ethical business owner?

No two days in my house are ever the same! I’m a mum to 2 ginger rescue cats and 3 rescue chicks who are now 6 weeks and ready to move outside!

I also run my own Tropic Skincare business selling vegan and natural skincare to the masses. Something I really enjoy as the products are absolutely divine!

As well as this I’m studying to become an Independent Natural Juice Therapist. I’m on my final module and really looking forward to finishing my studies.

Sounds interesting, whats that about?

Juicing and nutrition changed my life, turning a very chronically ill girl into the exceptionally busy and passionate woman I am today! I hope to be able to help others achieve their health goals through proper nutrition!

So whats next?

My husband and I are in the process of buying a health food store! So life is exceptionally busy!

Phew, I can see that! How about chill time?

In terms of hobbies I love to cook, spend time with friends and family and take part in some animal rights activism. I don’t feel I do enough activism as emotionally it really drains me and I have to be so careful
About how it affects my health! I do as much as I can by sharing and promoting veganism online and of course pushing vegan products into the market!

It seems like veganism is a big part of your life, how do these ethical principle guide and motivate you?

I went vegetarian at 11 for the animals. When I learnt truly about the dairy and egg industry I couldn’t bring myself to do it anymore and went Vegan. I went vegan for the animals and the environment predominantly but have been blown away by the health benefits too.

I feel it’s my mission to promote veganism and make the movement grow and grow. We need to to save the planet and all it’s inhabitants!! They deserve to live as much as we do.

Awesome! Any parting words of wisdom?

Do no harm, but take no sh*t!

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Try a yummy cream tea in a bag at the following events:
27th May- VON vegan fair Chorlton
5th Aug – Bradford Vegan festival
12th Aug – Liverpool Viva Fair
20th Aug – Chester Vegan Festival
26th Aug – Bolton Vegan Fair
10th Sept – Sheffield Vegan Festival
26th Nov – Leeds Winterfest Vegan Christmas Market

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