Milo’s Last Miles: full of surprises

We thought Milo’s life was coming to the end. He had a tumour on his cheek that the animal sanctuary removed before we rescued him, but as is typical of the type of tumour, it came back.

It was slowly growing, but then, over night it got massively infected and he was in a very bad way… the infection then burst, and it was horrible, but Milo was really great with the vet. He leaned against her to help squeeze out the infection, indicating how much pressure was comfortable for him. But he was very ill and we really thought he wasn’t going to recover. But.. surprise… once the wound healed, there was no tumour at all. The whole area is almost normal. So it looks like it was an infection all along, for months and months, and we all just assumed it was a tumour because… well, it was very likely and he does have lots of them. Consequently, Milo, now this infection has gone, has much more energy and is really very happy once more. Strange little dog!

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