Cuthbert & i

Hillside Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1995 to help and campaign for animals in need’ and most importantly, to bring public awareness to the millions of animals suffering every day in the intensive factory farming industry. Although Hillside has given sanctuary to over 500 horses, ponies and donkeys, most of their residents have been rescued from the farming industry. Please make a donation, if you can, to this wonderful home for animals

    2 thoughts on “Cuthbert & i”

    1. What a lovely thing to do and how generous to go all that way to save Cuthbert. If Lorraines big heart was duplicated and everyone stopped eating beef, there would be no need to save these wonderful creatures from there terrible fate and just have them grazing in fields giving us the enjoyment of watching them. Well done Lorraine!

    2. The story of Lorraine and Cuthbert the steer is so beautiful and heart warming. It gives me hope that there are great people out there.It illustrates so well, that ALL animals deserve our respect and consideration. As Lorraine points out so well farm animals deserve the same compassion as a pet dog or cat,as all have feelings and derive pleasure and comfort from life.
      We can all learn from this especially at such a difficult time for many, that showing our animal friends kindness and compassion is the start of a better and more fulfilling life for us all.
      Well done Lorraine and well done to Hillside animal sanctuary( a truely wonderful haven for many abused animals

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