From Bitter to Sweet – an animated short

Hi all, this is my very first Ethical Pets blog, and as such, it’s extra special!

My buddy James and I made a great little animated short using the cute plasticine animals from the Ethical Pets logo.

I wrote this short for valentines day – and the theme is very much love… whether love of each other, or love of boojabooja chocolate… it’s hard to tell! I think this theme is really appropriate for the first Ethical Pets blog post, because love was definitely an important part of founding our webshop – love of animals, the environment, our fellow human beings and of course our love for each other too (anyone who works AND lives with their partner can testify to the importance of love to keep things sane!!!)

Anyway, Joe and I hope you enjoy it lots… have a good week, will write more soon

Love from


p.s. if you haven’t tried the boojabooja chocolates yet, DO!!!

    2 thoughts on “From Bitter to Sweet – an animated short”

    1. Cute movie! Reminded me of The Artist! Have you seen it?
      Hope you’re well and enjoy Valentine’s Day…
      Love Alison

      1. Yeah, I love it, def inspired my titles etc, but also inspiration from noggin the nog 🙂 hope you have a good valentines too! X

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